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Work one-on-one with me, Mark Whittaker, to address your specific needs as a non-fiction writer - whether it's your life story, a  self-help book that's going to change the world or a weekly blog that just requires a little sharpening.   

Maybe you've got a manuscript you're about to send off to a publisher or an agent. My advice is to stop right there. You'll be amazed at what a professional eye can bring to a story. If you're a first timer or a seasoned veteran, I'll help you find your voice, with everything from a hard edit to shooting the breeze for ideas and inspiration.

Scroll down to learn more about the packages available. Or send me an email and we'll tailor something just for you.


This is a big-picture assessment. I read what you've got and address the broad issues like structure, what's missing, what you have too much of, and where you need to dig deeper to find that inner voice.

I'll also do a line edit of your first page. I can't help myself. First impressions are so important. But it will also give you a sense of the task ahead and the standards you need to maintain to convince the reader to turn to page 2 - and for a publisher to bring out the cheque book.

We'll also have a 30-minute phone/Zoom consultation about where you're at and I'll give you a dot-point report on what's needed.


up to 10,000 words = $470

up to 20,000 words = $540

up to 30,000 words = $610

up to 50,000 words = $750

up to 80,000 words = $960

up to 100,000 words = $1100

Full Coaching Pack

I'm with you every step of the way, giving you the big-picture suggestions, getting the best out of you. I want to find that inner storyteller and get those words out of your head and onto the page. Crucially, it won't just be airy-fairy notions.

I'll read, assess and closely edit up to 7000 words a month.  I'll seek more detail when we need it, cut the dross when it just has to go. I'll praise when it's due and criticise - as gently as possible - when I have to. Every word is precious and this is where I will help you grind each sentence, each paragraph to glistening clarity.

We'll have a one-hour phone/Zoom chat every month.

You get email support and advice on how to get published.


Three months = $3000

Six months = $5000

Twelve months = $9000

Line-by-Line Edit

This is where I go through every sentence, every word, to sharpen your prose. Most of my suggestions will be about spelling, grammar and the cutting of unnecessary words, but I'll still be prompting you to dig deep to find a better way to say something; perhaps a line of dialogue here, a splash of description there. This type of edit will bring your manuscript up to the standard where you can confidently show it to a publisher and/or self publish. The price will vary depending on the shape it's in. I'd need to look at it to give you a quote.

 As a rough guide, think $90 per 1000 words.

Starter Pack

You've got an idea but don't know where to start. Send me a couple of pages outlining what you've got and where you want to go. I'll draw up a plan of action: what you need to do and how you're going to do it.

 We'll have a 30-minute Zoom chat to get you going with a clear sense of direction.




To hell with it. Just let me write the book for you. I'd interview you over a period of days, and possibly weeks or months. I'd come back to you in three to six months with a first draft over which you would have complete editorial control. This is, afterall, your book. We'd then work together to polish it into its final shape, ready for publication. The price and timing all depend on your needs and my availability.

Send me an email at the address below.

Starter Pack


 Mark Whittaker has written, co-authored, and ghosted more than a dozen books over almost 30 years. He has helped a media legend, a cricket super star, an infamous bikie, several cops, the victim of a wrongful conviction and a war hero to pen their stories in their own voice. He started as a journalist in 1986 on The Australian and won a Walkley Award for feature writing in 2005. He's had a book made into a top-rating mini-series. And he's helped numerous other clients bring their manuscripts up to scratch, assisting them in finding publishers. It gives him a great sense of satisfaction. He's a one-person operation, so it'll just be you and him working together to find your voice. 


With Mal Kennard on the set of Catching Milat


Interviewing Mike Willesee for his Memoirs. A tape recorder, biscuits and a magpie's eye for the crumbs is all you need.

With co-author Les Kennedy down a noir alley in 1992



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