I've been writing books and magazine articles for almost 30 years. When I look at them, I realise that most of my books have been collaborations. I'm good at working with others in a creative environment. Here are some examples:

Walking to Victory
Adam Gilchrist

I had the very good fortune to guide Adam through the writing of his first book, acting more as writing coach than a ghostwriter or editor. Travelling to South Africa and the West Indies to catch him in his busy schedule, I got a fascinating glimpse into the world of international cricketers. He was every bit the genuine nice guy that we see in the media. He was keen to learn and he produced a great book.

Mike Willesee

It was a privilege to work with Mike on his rollicking story even as the clock ticked down on that amazing life. With a terminal cancer diagnosis hanging over him, we had to work within the bounds of his treatment - the good days and the bad days - to write a book I am very proud of.

Caesar and Donna Campbell

My wife, Amy, and I worked on this together with Caesar and his wife, Donna. Donna had put together a 30,000-word manuscript which was raw and punchy. Amy and I interviewed Caesar some more to flesh it out to 100,000 words and smooth the creases.  Not for the squeamish, it added a whole new meaning to the term "ghostwriter". It was very successful and the four of us went on to do two more best-selling books together. 

Village Vets
Anthony Bennett & James Carroll

James and Anthony were newly minted celebrity vets with their own TV show and a busy country practice when we started working together. They would have loved to have written a book by themselves but time was never going to allow that. They are great story tellers, though, able to convey the complexities and the humour of their lives. With me as ghostwriter, we ended up writing two cracking books together.

I continue to write articles for The Australian newspaper and The Good Weekend magazine.

In the last few years I've also dabbled in podcasts for SBS and