Mark Whittaker Has Helped People Hire a Writer for a Book

If someone is looking to hire a writer for a book, the first thing should be brainstorming. Gathering all the information is critical, and there is value to getting all the information down before writing. There are multiple ways of obtaining ideas. The question should be, what is the book going to be? Will it be a biography or some other non-fiction book? Some people hire a writer for a book to write about themselves as the writer becomes a ghostwriter in the process. Most ghostwriters charge per word and go with a questionnaire for those they are writing the books. The person will answer the writer's questions, and they will take those answers and come up with a story. Those who wish to get coaching advice from Mark Whittaker may go with the Appraisal package for him to review. The price is based on how many words, and he gives his feedback through an online session.

Those who are a novel ghostwriter are hired to write a novel, and the person who hires the writer claims the book as their own as they purchase all the rights to the book. The person has a vision of a story and tells it to the novel ghostwriter. When the writer hears the story, they envision what the person who hired them wants to say. There is an excellent side to ghostwriting that most people do not realize. When a ghostwriter writes a story and sells their words in that story over to the buyer, they are free of all legalities. The person who purchases the words and rights to the novel becomes responsible once the agreement is made that it is sufficient. With all the controversy in the world, it is hard to say what is offensive and what is not.