Is It Worth It If I Hire a Writing Coach?

The one thing that can deter a person from getting a writing coach is money. Their first question is, "Is it worth it if I hire a writing coach?" The answer is yes. To hire a writing coach like Mark Whittaker adds value to your work and gives you a better chance to get your work published, and the more work you sell, the more income you make. More money makes it all worthwhile. If you are not doing it as a ghostwriter, then you can even go for fame. To have a best-seller is every writer's dream come true. Just ask Mark Whittaker. Hiring him would be the best decision any writer would ever make only from the years of experience and knowledge he brings to the table.

The next thing people ask is, "Can Mark edit my book?" For a price, he is willing to edit anything. The prices depend on the words or if it is a Line-by-Line Edit package deal. Mark will always check out the power of the first line and the first page before doing anything. He says the first line should grab the reader and get their attention. When the reader reads the first page, there should be a reason to make them turn to page two. As a writer, that is how you know you have the reader in the palm of your hands. Everything goes off first impressions. From there, Mark checks the grammar, spelling, and the cut out of unnecessary word usage. Using Mark's advice and expertise is a wise choice.