What Can a Personal Writing Coach Do For a Writer?

Everyone needs some form of support in their lives, even writers. A personal writing coach can be that support to help writers do what they do best, write. Whether writing a blog or a book, a personal writing coach can help a writer through writer's block or help them gain ideas for stuff to write. They can even help a writer get their work published by giving them the motivation and steps to achieve their goals. Mark Whittaker is a personal writing coach who assists writers as he works one on one to do better in their writing skills. He can help sharpen the edges around a weekly blog post or help a writer add those specific needs to their non-fiction books. Mark tells everyone to stop at the manuscript writers send off to an agent or a publishing company and take a step back and let him review what is written.

Personal can turn to a professional writing coach when Mark Whittaker looks over writers' work. He is a veteran of almost 30 years in writing and has the experience to know what publishers and agencies want in a manuscript. As a professional writing coach, he can help with editing, ideas, and inspiration to give the writer a different way of putting their thoughts into words. It is another way to capture an audience or gain more readers. Mark has other packages for writers to choose what suits them best in ways he can help them. His business is called Mark Wittaker Writing Coach, and there are five total packages, some with sets in stone prices, and others depending on what is needed. The packages he has available are Appraisal, Full Coaching Pack, Line-by-Line Edit, Starter Pack, and Ghostwriting packages. There are many testimonials from his previous clients about how his coaching has helped them in their writing journey.