How Mark Whittaker Became a Writing Coach Online in Australia

Mark is also a writing coach online in Australia. There is a little bit about him that makes him unique in the industry. Almost three decades, he has co-authored, written, and ghostwritten over a dozen books. His experience comes from living it and writing about it. While he was living the dream, he helped a cricket superstar, a media legend, several cops, an infamous bikie, a war hero, and a person who received a wrongful conviction gain their voices through their stories. Mark's career in journalism began in 1986 with The Australian, and in 2005 he received a Walkley Award for his featured writing. One of his books went on to become a top-rating mini-series. As he was doing all of this, he was known as the writing coach online in Australia. There were so many clients he helped with their manuscripts as he brought them to publishers. There is no one else working with him, so when a client signs up, it is a one on one experience.

Many writers are looking to find a writing coach. The problem is not in writing for most authors, but in getting their work published and promoted. This is a world where "it is not who you are but who you know." People in the industry know Mark Whittaker, and anyone looking to find a writing coach knows he can take them places. His experience, knowledge, and professionalism have rubbed off on his best clients as they have excelled in their success. His coaching skills have proven to the world; Marks clients can go places when they purchase one of his packages. The voice of a writer comes through their words written. It takes a special someone to bring those words out for a writer to have their voice. Once their voice is found, the sky's the limit.